What is a Nikah?

Nikah is the Islamic marriage ceremony that forms a binding contract between the bride and groom as per Islamic law.

Requirements for an Islamic Marriage

To be married under Islamic law, a Nikah ceremony must be performed. See the requirements for Nikah below.

Is a Nikah Legally Recognized?

While a Nikah fulfills Islamic requirements for marriage, it does not constitute a legal marriage. Legal recognition requires a marriage license from local authorities.

Marriage License Requirement

A valid marriage license from your local County Probate Court is required before performing a Nikah.

Booking Our Services

To schedule a Nikah, please complete the form available at the bottom of this page and email it to us at nikah@suwaneemasjid.org.

Requirement of a Wali (Guardian) for the Bride

A Wali is required for the bride during the Nikah. It is recommended that the father or a brother of the bride acts as the Wali.

Nikah Requirements:

• Mutual consent (Ijab-wa-Qubul) between the bride and groom.
• Two sane, adult Muslim male witnesses, or one male and two females.
• A mahr (dowry) paid by the groom to the bride.
• A written contract signed by both the bride and groom, along with two witnesses.
• A Wali (guardian) for the bride.
• A marriage sermon (Khutbah).

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